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Prizes and selections

My interest in open calls and further training in addition to the weekly academy sessions, resulted in various selected works and prizes.


My painting 'Oostende aan zee' ('Ostend by the sea') was awarded the Grote Prijs Piet Staut 2022 for painting organized by De Koninklijke Piet Staut Kring and the Municipality of Beveren.


My work 'Ik zie wat jij niet ziet' ('I see what you don't see') was awarded Laureate of the Curious Collection 2017.

The jury consisted of Philippe Van Cauteren (Director SMAK in Ghent), Marie Cloquet, Sam Eggermont and Tatjana Gerhard.


Awarded the Culture Prize by the Municipality of Rumst for my start-up and supervision of the workshops for people over 80 and sympathizers.


Painting 'Hugo', selected by Canvas Collection MHK in Antwerp.


Painting 'Noordzee' ('North Sea') selected for 1st Laureate Street Exhibition 'Behind glass' in Hove.


1st place in the Visual Arts competition organized by the Municipality of Rumst for the painting 'Het Begeren' (The Desire), based on a book by Piet Van Aken.


Artwork 'If I were a rich man', selected during the international drawing competition

organized by the municipality of Heist-op-den-Berg on November 25, 2011.

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