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Jacqueline Mourice

Born in Ghent on August 06, 1953.


After years of teaching pre-primary and primary education in the multicultural heart of Brussels, the time was right for a change. I started as a student at the academy in Kontich with various materials. With 2 years of practical  knowledge followed by 5 years of classical painting I transferred to the academy in Mortsel where I graduated after 3 years specializing in model and portraiture. After this training I am currently following mixed media model and portraiture.


The old masters are invaluable because they are universal and timeless. They possess qualities such as enthusiasm, work ethic and knowledge of the craft. With this realization and with my interest in the rapidly evolving art world. I pursued contemporary art history at the Mortsel academy, and continue to do so. This broadens my vision and work skills. 


My work reflects my family, their memories and experiences, the current environment and my connection to the Belgian West Coast. My interest in portraying people is largely lifelike. Besides using live models, I take photographs, which gives me control and choise of view and moment. Taking pictures gives me the chance to capture the right moment.

On the spot sketches enables me to record observations and impressions. in the studio, these sketchbooks are developed as paintings and drawings. I thereby optimally capture the environment and feelings such as sadness, loss and happiness it evokes. The internalization of the emotions and ideas are translated onto canvas, relying solely on their images, without any verbal communication. 


Since 2011, I have had exhibitions throughout Belgium..


Peripheral activities

Since 2011 I have been guiding Kunstkring De Kunstkamer 13 and since 2016, I have been working with people over 80 in Hof Van Crequi in Terhagen, and more recently also in Hoogvelden in Reet. The results of their attempts using acrylic on canvas often lead to results exceeding their attempts in a surprising and delightful way. 


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